Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Class is Finally Set!

Ms. Lirenman is super excited to announce that her 2014/15 class is finally set and ready to start their journey of learning.  This year our class will be made up of children from grade one and grade two.  There are 12 girls and 12 boys in our class.  There are 13 children in grade one and 11 children in grade two.  If you can believe it Ms. Lirenman will also be teaching eight of her students from last year and she can't be more excited.  As Ms. Lirenman collects are on line permission slips this blog may be a bit quiet for just a little bit longer.  Please check back often and follow along on this blog to see all the fun and adventures we will be getting up to.  Student blogs will be set up soon as well so be sure to check out all the learning that will be happening there too.

It's going to be an excellent year of learning! Please stop by often.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

I Miss You!

Hello Everyone from Division 19,

I am so sorry that our school year ended without a real goodbye.  Being on strike isn't good for anyone and I miss you all as much as you miss our class.  I do want to say that I love hearing from those of you who have been blogging or tweeting from your family account.  It brings me a big smile when I hear from you.  While on the picket line I was lucky enough to see a few of you come by. I just want to you know that I loved being your teacher this year and while we had some bumpy times we had a ton of really smooth times too.  You have all come so incredible far this year and I couldn't be more proud. I miss you tons, and I'd love to hear from you.  Happy Summer Vacation! Love Ms. Lirenman

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lego Challenge #4

Today's challenge was to create each letter of the alphabet in under 25 minutes.  We were successful too with upper and lower case letters.  Check them out.

It was a perfect class effort.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Squishy Circuits

Today two of us used Squishy Circuits at lunch time free choice.  We made all the lights turn on.  We also used the buzzers and the motor at the same time.  Take a look.

Go Noodle

Today we Skyped with Go Noodle.  We use Go Noodle every day and we really like it. We asked Aaron from Go Noodle how it was made.  We had many questions and comments for them.  We also had some ideas for them to make Go Noodle even better.

Here are a couple of photos of us Skyping with  Go Noodle.

After the call we wrote blog posts to Go Noodle.  Unfortunately we weren't our best listeners during the call so many of us apologized to Go Noodle.  Here are some of our blog posts but you can read the rest on our individual blogs.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Another Voice Message!

Today we received a message about our most recent Lego Challenge.  Take a listen.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lego Challenge Number One

Last week Ms. Lirenman was walking in Steveston with her teacher friend Ms. Wise. Ms. Wise was telling Ms. Lirenman about these lego challenges she has been doing with her students in her grade 1/2 class in Richmond.  Ms. Lirenman listened closely and thought, "hmm, I want to do this with my students too".  So today we had our first lego challenge.


1. With a partner choose 20 pieces of lego. We were in partners because Ms. L wasn't sure we had enough lego for everyone but you could do it as individuals too. Having said that we do like working with our friends.

2. In 15 minutes create as many different objects as you can with the 20 pieces of lego. As you create an object take a photo of it.

3. After 15 minutes create a pic collage with what you created and add it to your blog.

Here are some photos of us actively busy on the task.

Here are some of our some of our final pic collages.  Please check out our individual blogs to see more of our creations.

We can't wait for Lego Challenge Number 2 !

*Update May 22, 2014

Today we were able to blog a bit about the challenge.  Check out some of our blog post found on our individual blogs.  Perhaps you'd like to start with Marcus, Camron, or Brayden's Blogs. All our blog posts on this subject are categorized with "writing".