Monday, 15 December 2014

It is Monday. What are you reading?

Last night Ms. Lirenman read a great blogpost that encouraged her to ask us what we are reading.  Today some of us added what we are reading to this padlet so the rest of the class could see. We had a bit of technical difficulties this time around but a few of us were able to talk about the books we were reading today. Here are some of the books we are reading this week.

Guess What Arrived Today?

Today we had some very special guests arrive in Mme Douwes room. Can you guess what they are?

They live in here.

The water is very cold and must stay cold in order for them to grow.

Do you know?

They are...

Salmon eggs!

Over the next few weeks the eggs will start to hatch. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

When the Power Goes Out the Show Must Go On...

On Friday after music we were scheduled to have a Mystery Number Skype with a class in Texas.  Unfortunately during music the power in the school went off, and this included our access to the school internet.  Since we couldn't use Skype Ms. Lirenman had to quickly think of a different way we could make the connection work.  

Ms. Lirenman decided that we would try to use Voxer a walkie talk, text messaging type app.  She contacted the teacher in Texas and we were off.  

With Voxer you can leave little messages (in our case we left questions about numbers) and then they can leave little answers for us. We went back and forth asking and answering questions.  In the end we were able to guess their secret number and they were able to guess our.  Here's what it sounded like.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reading Around the Room

From a far we looked like this today.

But close up we looked more like this...

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Melton and the Warm Hearted Snowman

Wow! What a show! This afternoon and this evening we wowed our audiences in our perfornace of Melton the Warm Hearted Snowman.  The show included all the kindergarten to grade three students in both French and English.  It was a huge success with a lot of thanks going to Mr. Johnson our music teacher.  Here is one photo from our morning concert as we were singing Tough Love with Mme Kell's, Mme Douwes', and Ms. Swenson's classes. Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman had to fuzz out the students in those classes because she doesn't have permission for them to be on our blog.  But she did her best to keep us clear. We are in the row second from the top.

The Hour of Code

Today we dipped our toes into the hour of code.  Some of us practiced coding using the Frozen tutorial and some of us tried the Flappy Birds tutorial.  We all have a sign up and password for both of these tutorials inside our planner pocket.  Some of us decided to just use the iPad app Kodable or Tynker.  We still have a few more programming apps and sites to explore until we find the one that is just right for each of us.  Here are some pictures of our coding afternoon.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Practicing for Our Musical with Friends Far Away

Next week we are part of a K-3 musical called Melton the Warm Hearted Snowman.  We have three songs to sing in the show and we have been practicing a lot.  This week we went so far as to practice our songs with our friends in Ms. DeGroot's class in Iowa.  They also sang us their songs for their Christmas concert.  It was a fun way to practice and to share our singing with each other.  Here are some photos from our call.